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What's Your Home Office Style

Marvelous Style for Your Blissful, Beautiful Home Office

Bloggers, Freelancers, Writers: it’s where you work, it’s where you create, it’s where you make things happen. It is the…  Home Office Some have full rooms dedicated to the purpose. Others make use of closets, built-ins, and reading nooks. The wonderful thing about freelancing is you can switch things up. You can work from the…

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Is there a Downside to Working From Home as a Freelancer

What Is The Downside to Working From Home As a Freelancer?

Is there a downside to working from home? Let me start out by saying, I’m not sharing this post to be a “Negative Nelly.” I adore writing, freelancing, and working from home. I have, however, been doing this “working online at home” gig for a while now and I’ve learned a thing or two. I…

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