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The Rise of The Solopreneur

According to the State of Independence in America workforce study, there are now over 17.9 million solopreneurs that have committed to independent work as their primary path of income. The reasons for this growing statistic vary and the group holds more variety than you may think. We are not talking solely young tech moguls or…

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Babe You Got This! Do Mondays Better

Mondays, they get a bad rap. As a recurring day of the week, I think maybe it’s time we change our attitudes towards Mondays. Now, just hang with me here a few minutes, and lets play “What If”… What if you could go to bed Sunday night and feel excited? What if you loved your…

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Is there a Downside to Working From Home as a Freelancer

What Is The Downside to Working From Home As a Freelancer?

Is there a downside to working from home? Let me start out by saying, I’m not sharing this post to be a “Negative Nelly.” I adore writing, freelancing, and working from home. I have, however, been doing this “working online at home” gig for a while now and I’ve learned a thing or two. I…

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